The Whole Movement of Life is Learning

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In the first of the letters Krishnamurti said: "These letters are not meant to be read casually when you have a little time from other things, nor are they to be treated as entertainment. These letters are written seriously and, if you care to read them, read them with intent to study what is said as you would study a flower by looking at the flower very carefully—its petals, its stem, its colours, its fragrance and its beauty. These letters should be studied in the same manner, not read one morning and forgotten in the rest of the day. One must give time to it, play with it, question it, inquire into it without acceptance. Live with it for some time, digest it so that it is yours and not the writer's.”

This new edition of J Krishnamurti's Letters to the Schools combines the letters originally published in Volume I (1981) and Volume II (1985) with seventeen previously unpublished letters from earlier years. The insights in these letters will be valued by parents, educators, students of education, and others concerned about the failure of educational systems to nurture the full development of graduates with a deep sense of human worth and dignity, who may create a global society based on priorities beyond materialism.

Publisher: Krishnamurti Foundation Trust

Current publication: 2006

ISBN: 900-0050-609

Pages count: 262

Format: paperback

First published: 2006