The Second Krishnamurti Reader

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Changing oneself, changing the world.

Genuine reform, says Krishnamurti, can be brought about only by individuals who have discovered what it is to love and to ‘see’. In this radical text, which brings together two of his most popular and influential works, The Only Revolution and The Urgency of Change, the spiritual teacher who rebelled against religion points to a new order arising when we have ceased to be envious and vicious and have died to everything we know, for only then can we give birth to the innocence that allows ‘the timeless new to come into being’. The traditional reformer, by contrast, merely patches the old.

It is through a meditative mind that dissolves the distinction between oneself and the world that life takes on meaning ‘and the beauty of the heavens and the earth is constant’. Krishnamurti says, simply: ‘When you are not, love is.’ ‘Seeing,’ he declares, ‘is the greatest of all skills.’ In these pages, gently, he helps us to open our hearts and our eyes.

Publisher: Penguin Arkana

Current publication: 1991

ISBN: 0-14-019243-3

Pages count: 317

Format: paperback

First published: 1973