The Seed of a Million Years

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The Seed Of A Million Years

This series of six talks, given by Krishnamurti in Madras in 1979-80, marks a departure from his usual style of exposition. Usually, in the opening talk he would dwell first on the problems of the world and then on the psychological factors underlying them. But here he starts straightaway with the most ancient quest of man to find that which is sacred. 'Man must have asked a million yeas ago, from the beginning of time, if there is a reality, if there is a truth, if there is something timeless, something that cannot be measured by man. And that inquiry, that seed, is still with us ... And during these talks we are going to find out whether it is possible for that seed to grow and flower, multiply and cover the earth.' These and other statements, such as 'Sorrow is like the shadow of our life', 'Meditation can never be premeditated', make this book essential reading for those who wish to understand the religious spirit that suffuses the whole of Krishnamurti's teachings.

Publisher: Krishnamurti Foundation India

Current publication: 2019

ISBN: 978-81-87326-89-2

Pages count: 109

Format: paperback

First published: 2019