Revolution from Within (Book + DVD)

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In this series of talks, given in the U.S. and cities throughout the world in the 1950s, Krishnamurti confronts the habitual, projection-making mind, which fails to see ‘what is’, immersed as it is in belief and illusion. “What can bring about this radical change in our minds?” the author asks. His insightful answers invite his readers to question the basic assumptions that govern their lives. Other topics include: The process of change at all levels, self-awareness and freedom from slavery to the mind. 'There must be a revolution in our thinking', declares the author, J Krishnamurti (1895-1986), who remains one of the greatest philosophers and teachers of modern times. In this series of lectures, given in the U.S. and various cities throughout the world in the 1950s, he again confronts the habitual, projection-making mind, which fails to see what is while it absorbs itself in belief and illusion. Topics covered in these essays include: the process of change at all levels; the development of discipline; quieting the mind; self-awareness; and, freedom from slavery to mind. While we humans are constantly making superficial modifications of our circumstances, such gestures never lead to a radical transformation characterised by clarity, lack of prejudice, spontaneity, genuine peace and happiness. People would rather line up behind some leader, or a particular religious teaching, following the dictates of some outside authority, than to think for themselves, Krishnamurti explains. Sadly, 'most of our existence is spent in that way - trying to live up to something, trying to bring about a change in our attitude, to change according to the pattern which we have projected as an ideal, as a belief'. Only by rigorous self observation and self questioning is there any hope that humankind will overcome its blindness and self-obsession enough to bring about an end of violence, war and other misery on this beleaguered planet.

Publisher: Hohm Press

Current publication: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-935387-05-3

Pages count: 311

Format: paperback

First published: 2009