About Us

About Us

The Krishnamurti Foundation Trust online shop is dedicated solely to publications by and about J. Krishnamurti. It stocks all available Krishnamurti books in English, and ships worldwide.

The store is not for profit. Proceeds help the Foundation preserve and make Krishnamurti’s works available, and support Brockwood Park School and The Krishnamurti Centre.

J. Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti was born in India in 1895 and died in the United States in 1986. He spoke throughout his life in many parts of the world, to large audiences and with numerous individuals and small groups, including writers, scientists, philosophers and educators. Asked to describe what lay at the heart of the teaching, he said:

Truth is a pathless land. You cannot come to it through any organisation, creed, dogma, priest, ritual, philosophical knowledge or psychological technique. You have to find it through the mirror of relationship, through understanding the contents of your mind, through observation and not through intellectual analysis or introspective dissection.

Krishnamurti was concerned with all humanity. He belonged to no nationality, group or culture and held no belief. Krishnamurti founded schools in India, Britain and the United States, educating for the total understanding of humanity and the art of living. He stressed that only this profound understanding could create a new generation living in peace.

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Krishnamurti Foundation Trust

Established in 1968 as a registered charity, Krishnamurti Foundation Trust exists to preserve and make available Krishnamurti’s teachings. We serve a global audience by providing worldwide free access to Krishnamurti videos, audio and texts to those interested in pursuing an understanding of Krishnamurti’s work in their own lives.

On its founding, Krishnamurti said, ‘The Krishnamurti Foundation is a new organisation without the psychological belonging and dependence that most organisations bring about.’ It was established along practical lines as a ‘simple means of arranging talks, dealing with publications and translations and distributing recordings.’ Since Krishnamurti’s death, and with the advent of new technologies, some tasks have changed. However, essentially the Foundation still operates in the same way, producing books, audio and video in authentic and undistorted forms.

The Foundations will see to it that these teachings are kept whole, are not distorted, are not made corrupt. – Krishnamurti

We are a small team, and our work depends on the abilities of each staff member to continue to ensure Krishnamurti is widely known now and into the future. Our focus beyond archival preservation is releasing Krishnamurti’s work in a wide variety of formats, along with maintaining and growing our online and social media presence, so as to allow anyone interested to come across Krishnamurti and be able to explore his teachings at whatever depth they wish.


A main objective of the Foundation is to make Krishnamurti’s teachings available to the world for free. This necessitates the reliance on donations and legacies, as many of the Foundation’s activities do not generate charitable income.

We feel strongly that Krishnamurti’s teachings are increasingly relevant to the various challenges individuals, society and humanity face.

You can support us in this important work by making a donation, however small, or with a legacy. We accept donations from anywhere in the world.