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Time and thought are not different

Time and thought are not different

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Is there a movement totally apart from time?

Seminar 1 - Madras (Chennai),India - 5 January 1982

Can we only observe ‘what is’ and not ‘what should be’?

There is in me a sense of violence, deeply rooted. Can it end completely, not gradually?

Can I end my attachments?

Becoming something is the root of misery. Is there a state which is not becoming?

When there is an ending, something totally new takes place.

Our intelligence is the intelligence of thought. Compassion has its own intelligence.

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Desire, time and thought are the basic elements of fear

Seminar 2 - Madras (Chennai),India - 6 January 1982

When a human being is the past, the present and the future, he is time bound, the result of all human endeavour.

As ordinary human beings can we not radically change?

I am the ordinary man caught in a wheel. What am I to do or not do?

What is the mirror in which I can see my reactions, thoughts and misery?

Do we ever use the fullness of our senses?

There is no difference between me and fear. I am fear.

Desire is when thought takes charge of sensation and creates an image.

To be so alert that thought doesn’t interfere with sensation.

Since I am the time-maker, I am bound to time.

Time and thought are not different.

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