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Rishi Valley Educational Conference

Rishi Valley Educational Conference

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Why are you educating your children?

Seminar 1 - Rishi Valley,India - 24 November 1983

Our education is bringing about fragmentation of human action, and one questions why we educate our children, what the point of it is.

Thought has created extraordinary technological advancement and also wars.

Can we educate our children not merely to become technicians but also to go very deeply into themselves?

What is an idea?

Thought is the only instrument we have now and that thought is limited and therefore whatever it does is fragmentary. Is there another instrument not touched by thought?

What is the function of an educator?

Why do I have to choose between careers? Does it depend on my parents, my motives, my desire for wealth?

The word ‘school’ means leisure originally, to have leisure to inquire.

From whom are we learning?

Seminar 2 - Rishi Valley,India - 26 November 1983

What does it mean to learn?

Is there a teacher to teach you to understand yourselves and how to look at the world?

If one can read the book of mankind, which is yourself, then there is neither a teacher nor a disciple - you are that.

Discipline, learning and intelligence are one whole, not separate activities.

Q: We tend to make your teachings into a system in our schools. What can we do about it?

Q: How can we help a child to be secure?

What am I to do, as a teacher, to make the student feel completely at home?

A person feels secure at home when there is no fear.

There is complete security only in intelligence.

What am I to do to help the student to be more considerate and to be concerned about others?

Reward and punishment create fear.

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