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When there is freedom

When there is freedom

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Why is there such chaos in the world?

Public Talk 1 - Saanen,Switzerland - 6 July 1980

Is separation and individuality the cause of the eternal demand for personal security?

What has gone wrong with the human mind?

Has knowledge been translated into concepts, into your belief and my belief? Psychologically is knowledge necessary at all?

Is your brain the result of time?

Is thought the cause of the spreading complex cruelty of man, his behaviour and his vanity?

Meditation comes naturally, uninvited, when you have finished with all cause.

The movement of thought and becoming

Public Talk 2 - Saanen,Switzerland - 8 July 1980

In analysing that thing called anxiety, how do I know that it is anxiety?

Is the analyser different from the analysed?

Has the very movement of thought brought about this present chaos in the world?

Thought has built the psychological structure based on being something other than ‘what is’.

In becoming is competition, ruthlessness and violence. Is it possible to live without any movement of thought building a structure of becoming?

Action that is always correct

Public Talk 3 - Saanen,Switzerland - 10 July 1980

Is there an action which is incorruptible?

If I am tied to a belief, my action will be according to that belief and therefore limited and corrupt. The result is conflict.

When one observes attachment and its consequence, is the observer different from what he observes?

Can you have, without analysis, a perception of the whole consequence and cause of attachment immediately?

Breaking the pattern of conditioning

Public Talk 4 - Saanen,Switzerland - 13 July 1980

Why has the brain, with such immense capacity, not solved its own problems?

Can we see that as long as we are committed to something there must be corruption?

As long as there is contradiction in ourselves between action and the fact, there is disorder.

Can the mind live with and observe only the fact, without moving away?

Can the mind observe without the translator, the thinker who says, ‘I remember that, it has happened again’?

If there are no opposites, there is no violence.

The relationship of desire, will and love

Public Talk 5 - Saanen,Switzerland - 15 July 1980

What relationship have desire, pleasure, will and love?

Is will the essence of desire?

Can thought, which is also sensation, realize that when it creates the image, conflict begins?

Does fear exist because of time and thought? Moving away from ‘what is’ is time.

Is there an action which is complete, without regret, looking back or forward, or any strain?

The ending of sorrow brings love and compassion

Public Talk 6 - Saanen,Switzerland - 17 July 1980

Does listening with complete attention break down the pattern of the brain?

Why has mankind lived with sorrow and with fear, outwardly and inwardly, never free of it?

Is sorrow the concentration of the isolating activities in life?

Can the isolating process, the cause of this isolating movement, come to an end, not just at the moment of death?

You end something painful easily, but will you end something which gives pleasure, without projecting and accepting that projection?

The image thought has built for years is consciousness.

Is there anything sacred in life?

Public Talk 7 - Saanen,Switzerland - 20 July 1980

Why have human beings, since time beyond measure, lived according to symbols, images and concepts?

Does having an image give security?

Is it possible for the mind and heart, and therefore the brain, the whole of consciousness, to be radically changed?

Where there is freedom from all authority, what is the state of your mind?

Can the mind observe only when it is completely still?

In meditation, measurement must come to an end.

1st Question & Answer Meeting

Public Question & Answer 1 - Saanen,Switzerland - 23 July 1980

Q1: Without the operation of desire and will, how does one move in the direction of self-knowledge?

Q2: Is not a ground of austerity, sensitivity, integrity, necessary before a total transformation can take place?

Q3: There are so many gurus today, both in the East and in the West, each one pointing his own way to enlightenment. How is one to know if they are speaking the truth?

2nd Question & Answer Meeting

Public Question & Answer 2 - Saanen,Switzerland - 24 July 1980

Q1: I work as a teacher and I am in constant conflict with the system of the school and the pattern of society. Must I give up all work? What is the right way to earn a living? Is there a way of living that does not perpetuate conflict?

Q2: Is it possible to be so completely awake at the moment of perception that the mind does not record the event?

Q3: You have said that death is total annihilation and you have also said that there is immortality, a state of timeless existence. Can one live in that state?

3rd Question & Answer Meeting

Public Question & Answer 3 - Saanen,Switzerland - 25 July 1980

Q1: I am dissatisfied with everything. What you talk about makes me more discontented. What is wrong with what you are saying, or is something wrong with me?

Q2: Must there be a Krishnamurti, the books and recordings to keep us alert? Why this gap between understanding and immediate action?

Q3: When I go back shall I talk about your teachings, or since I am still a fragmented human being will I not produce more confusion and mischief?

Q4: What do you mean when you ask us to think together? Do you intend that everybody who listens to you should think with you at the same time? Don’t you think this is acting as a guru, leading people to follow your ideas, thoughts and conclusions?

Q5: Why does sex play such an important part in each one's life and in the world?

4th Question & Answer Meeting

Public Question & Answer 4 - Saanen,Switzerland - 26 July 1980

Q1: Is our sitting quietly every day to observe the movement of thought by your definition a practice, a method and therefore without value?

Q2: I have a cancer. Should I try to let medicine save my life, or live with this illness and pain and accept the consequences?

Q3: What is enlightenment?

Q4: People talk of experiences beyond the senses. What are these experiences and are they part of enlightenment?

Q5: What is the nature of the insight you speak about?

5th Question & Answer Meeting

Public Question & Answer 5 - Saanen,Switzerland - 27 July 1980

Q1: I have a young child. How do I educate him so that he will live a different sort of life without being so different from society which will destroy him?

Q2: Can you share something measureless to man, something that has great depth and beauty?

Q3: What is our consciousness? Are there different levels of consciousness?

Q4: Why is it that almost all human beings, apart from their talents and capacities, are mediocre?

Q5: Attachment brings a human warmth; detachment a coldness. Something seems wrong in this approach. What do you say?

Q6: Being uncertain we seek certainty through different channels, trusting them. Is there an absolute, irrevocable certainty?

Q7: Are there different paths to truth?

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