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What is total action?

What is total action?

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To act instantly is to see actually ‘what is’

Public Talk 1 - Santa Monica, California,USA - 18 March 1972

Action is always in the present, not tomorrow or in some distant future – action means now.

Your mind is my mind, your sorrow is my sorrow. There is no division in sorrow, there is no division in love.

Can you put away from your mind the idea that you have to learn to be aware?

Q: When have you experienced joy?

Q: What does it take to snap from adaptive conditional behaviour to spontaneity?

Q: If you throw a stone into the water, do the ripples stop?

Q: What’s wrong with identifying with the Godself?

Q: Is the speaker aware of the contradiction between his words, his message and his life, what he is doing, the medium of his message?

Q: How do I go about being aware of myself?

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Is there a total action which will be sane in an insane world?

Public Talk 2 - Santa Monica, California,USA - 19 March 1972

What is the motive, the drive, the energy behind our action?

What is the difference between pleasure, enjoyment and joy?

What is total action?

When there is only the fact, you have total energy to deal with that fact. Then that fact undergoes a radical change. When you look at the fact, at ‘what is’ with a conclusion, an image, a prejudice, then you are dissipating energy in contradiction.

Q: I would like to understand why love or hatred in the story of St Paul is immaterial.

The pursuit of pleasure divides people.

What is relationship?

Q: I am working for the Women’s Lib and we are trying to raise women’s consciousness to a higher level. What do you say about this?

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In freedom there is order

Public Talk 3 - Santa Monica, California,USA - 25 March 1972

How does order come about in our life?

When you compare yourself with somebody else, you’re not only denying your own light, you’re trying to imitate, conform to the light of another.

Can thought ever produce order?

Q: Could you go into thought and why we desire to separate ourselves from one another?

Q: From where does the new come, a new invention, a new perception?

Q: When many in the audience laughed, you said, ‘Please do not laugh, this is very serious.’ Is that not a conception of how seriously or not seriously to take the whole matter?

Q: It seems to me that to be free one must be able to see what actually is. Yet to see what actually is, it seems that one must be free. Is that not a paradox?

Q: Could you discuss loneliness, how it drives us in different directions?

Q: When I am looking at you and I bring in images between what I am seeing and what you really are, is that thought?

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A different kind of energy

Public Talk 4 - Santa Monica, California,USA - 26 March 1972

Our consciousness is always limited.

How is the mind to transform itself without conflict and have an energy that is totally different from the energy that is brought about through conflict; an energy that never deteriorates, an energy that renews itself all the time, without any motive?

Can thought stop?

Control has no place in meditation.

Q: Aren’t you making a distinction between thought in action versus not using thought? Aren’t you making a distinction between memory of facts, like your address, versus memory patterns, especially patterns of relationship?

Q: How did this idea of thought ever come about?

Q: Speaking of the masses, does man have a single, homogenous personality or is he made up of many facets and faces which comprise the totality?

Q: Are there any judgments which do not do violence to truth?

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