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What is life?

What is life?

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An action with no past or future

Public Talk 1 - Madras (Chennai),India - 28 December 1985

Having lived on earth for millennia why are we as we are?

What is the future of all of us?

During that evolution of experience, knowledge in actual fact what has happened to each of us?

What shall we do if we see the fact that we are the entire humanity?

What am I to do living in this corrupt society?

Will whatever I do affect society?

Am I different from society?

Is there an action without motive, self-interest, or seeking gain that is not dependent on the past or a pattern of the future?

Fear destroys love

Public Talk 2 - Madras (Chennai),India - 1 January 1986

To inquire into love we must ask: what is energy?
What is this energy, its origin, its source?
How has it begun; who created it?

Is there energy that is not contained within knowledge?

What is the origin of fear?

Can love exist where there is fear?

What place in my life have death suffering, pain, anxiety, loneliness?

What has suffering to do with time?

Aren't experience, knowledge, thought, limited? Don't we live by thought?

Is not consciousness made up of its content?

Are we individuals at all?

Is death the ending of all attachment? Can you experiment with it every day?

What is creation, the origin, the beginning?

Public Talk 3 - Madras (Chennai),India - 4 January 1986

What is life, the origin of all this, the rivers, the valleys, the glory of the land?

Where are we at the end of two million years?

Hasn't man always sought something through religion?

Is the brain different from the mind? Can the brain communicate with the mind?

When genetic engineering and computers meet, what are you as a human being?

What is creation and what is invention? What gives life to a blade of grass?

Is there meditation without effort with no routine, measurement, or comparison?

Is there a brain that is not muddled up, muddied by environment, by tradition, by society?

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