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Meditation is the emptying of the mind of will

Meditation is the emptying of the mind of will

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To be aware of our past

Public Talk 1 - New York,USA - 17 April 1971

To examine there must be no distortion. Distortion will inevitably come into being when there is fragmentation, when one part of you condones or condemns what you observe.

We are the result of propaganda, what we have been told from childhood to believe and not to believe.

Knowledge is the past; there is no knowledge in the present.

To be aware without choice is to observe without the observer, which is the past, the image-maker.

Q: Should a man who does not truly love himself try to help others love themselves? Should anyone try to help anyone?

Q: What is your opinion of Buddha?

Q: Could we talk about distraction?

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What you think, you are

Public Talk 2 - New York,USA - 18 April 1971

What is hidden in the deeper layers of the mind, the unconscious?

Does analysis produce a radical change, or is it an intellectual entertainment, an avoidance of action?

What are dreams?

Where there is an observer separating himself from the thing he observes, there must be conflict.


Thought gives vitality to an incident that is over.

Q: When I get up in the morning, realising that I am the observer and there is the object that I observe, what do I do to change this?

Q: When the jealousy is ‘me’, and ‘me’ is the jealousy, the conflict ends because I know it is jealousy and it disappears. But when I listen to the noises in the street and the ‘me’ is the noises and the noises are ‘me’, how can conflict end when that noise will go on forever?

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Public Talk 3 - New York,USA - 24 April 1971

Life is a movement in relationship.

When you seek comfort through another can there be any kind of relationship?

When there is no relationship can there be love?

Can you die psychologically today to everything that you have known?

Q: If I find that I am greedy, sensual and selfish, how can I know whether this kind of living is good or bad unless I already have some preconceptions of the good?

Q: How can one quiet the mind or free the mind from interruptions of the past?

Q: When you speak of relationships, you speak always of a man and a woman. Would the same things also apply to a man and a man or a woman and a woman?

Q: How are we to free ourselves from the fragments of painful and fearful experiences so that the past won’t have a grip on us?

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Can the mind become quiet?

Public Talk 4 - New York,USA - 25 April 1971

A mind that is inquiring into the question of religion must be free entirely of any form of belief or fear.

In the very inquiry into disorder, there is order.

The mind has to find out whether the brain cells which have developed through millennia in knowledge can be totally quiet, and respond to a dimension it does not know.

Meditation is the emptying of the mind of will.

Q: If one can have the privilege of becoming aware, how can one then help those who are conditioned, to become receptive and aware?

Q: What is the relationship between consciousness and seeing things exactly as they are?

Q: Could you talk about psychological time?

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