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What is the real beauty of relationship?

What is the real beauty of relationship?

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Can you give equal importance to all the things in your life?

K School Discussion 1 - Brockwood Park,England - 9 May 1978

Why do you make sex all-important, or family all-important, or your God?

Am I escaping from myself when I am totally concerned with my wife, with my job or with sex?

Can you give equal importance to all the things in your life?

Can the body, the heart and the mind always be in harmony, not one or the other dominating?

Can you have harmonious relationship with another who is not harmonious?

Thought itself, whatever it creates, whatever it does, brings disharmony.

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Can thought bring about a life that is totally harmonious?

K School Discussion 2 - Brockwood Park,England - 14 May 1978

Can thought bring about living a life every day harmoniously, with no distortion and not giving importance to one particular thing?

Thought is a movement out of the past, so it must be limited. It can project the future but it is still the outcome of the past.

Can that which is limited understand the unlimited?

What is harmony?

The essence of meditation is for thought to realise that it is limited and therefore have no movement other than in its little corner.

Can thought stop itself and time come to an end?

Logic and reason cannot bring about insight.

Is there a harmonious interrelationship between the mind, the heart and the body?

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What is the essence of relationship?

K School Discussion 3 - Brockwood Park,England - 21 May 1978

Why do we ever say, ‘I understand intellectually?’ What is the necessity of saying this?

What is the value of a discussion or dialogue?

What is the meaning of relationship, not only between two people but with nature, with humanity, with the world, with the universe, and with all the extraordinary things that happen in the world?

Are you in contact with anybody?

Where does deep relationship begin?

My relationship with you is based on the past and the past is a very small affair.

What is your relationship if you are attached to somebody?

What is the meaning of care?

Can you learn about yourself totally independently from others?

K School Discussion 4 - Brockwood Park,England - 28 May 1978

Why do we give so much importance to things outside of us and why don’t we also give importance to learning about ourselves?

Do we know ourselves?

What is it that most of us want, young or old?

Why do we divide the inner and the outer?

Can we reject what others have said about us, and being free of their knowledge, inquire into ourselves?

The essence of religion is the abandonment of the self.

Can one learn about oneself?

Does learning about myself mean acquiring knowledge about myself?

A new civilisation can only come into being when there is real religious spirit.

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Why do we make sex into a problem?

K School Discussion 5 - Brockwood Park,England - 19 June 1978

Can we give sex its right place?

Why do human beings go from one extreme of sexual permissiveness to the other, total restraint?

Why don’t you give importance to everything in life and not just one particular thing?

Are you getting the right kind of education here, so that you have a mind that can observe clearly, think clearly, without any pressure, dogma or belief, and therefore act clearly?

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