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What is the meaning of education?

What is the meaning of education?

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How does one help a child to understand the immense problem of conditioning?

K School (Teachers) Discussion 1 - Ojai, California,USA - 25 February 1977

These schools should produce a totally different kind of human being, not American, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, but unconditioned human beings, if it is possible.

Where there is authority in schools, politically or otherwise, there is the destruction of a mind flowering.

Can I have such relationship with the student that both of us are learning, both of us are trying to understand the non-mechanistic way of living?

Can there be respect in the school, not out of fear but out of care, affection, love, compassion?

Will you help me, as a student, to see the psychological danger of knowledge?

What do we mean by security?

At the school will you give the sense that the student is protected, secure, like a marvellous tree that is secure in the wind?

I care enormously for the child. I care intensely that he should be unconditioned. Which means that I am unconditioning myself.

Are you giving your whole attention to the question of conditioning?

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Is it possible to bring about a different human being through right education?

K School (Teachers) Discussion 2 - Ojai, California,USA - 25 March 1977

Why are we educated at all?

Is it possible, psychologically, inwardly, to bring about a different human being through the right kind of education?

What is my responsibility as a parent?

Does the educator need education?

What shall we do together to help each other to see that the parent, the educator and the student bring about, not only in the student but in themselves, a different quality of mind and behaviour?

I am conditioned, you are conditioned. Let’s talk about it, go into it, wipe it out as we go along – not take hours, days, months, years but wipe it out as we go along. Are you prepared for it? Do you want this?

Are we prepared as educators and parents to be aware of the garbage that we have collected, the garbage handed down through parents, education, the past – are we aware of the movement of collection of garbage?

Psychologically, inwardly, can you be free of all security?

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How will you help a child not to have fear?

K School (Teachers) Discussion 3 - Ojai, California,USA - 26 March 1977

As a parent with children, can I prevent them or help them not to get caught up in psychological pain, suffering and the misery of contradiction and division?

Physical security for all human beings is being denied because human beings are seeking security psychologically, which doesn’t exist.

Do you as a parent or educator help the student to understand that temporary security is the most dangerous security? Because that breeds fear. How will you help the student not to have that fear?

You can create an ugly atmosphere, you can create a holy atmosphere, or a sense of awe – those things are very easy to create – but how will you create the atmosphere of no psychological fear?

If I know how to love the child, fear may be prevented. When I tell him something out of that love he will listen to me.

It is thought that is destroying love.

When you have an insight into something there is no time, no thought, it isn’t a conclusion, reason or something put together. That insight is supreme intelligence.

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Observation is partial when you identify with a group

K School (Teachers) Discussion 4 - Ojai, California,USA - 27 March 1977

As a parent am I really concerned, not only with my children but with the children of others? Am I really concerned about what teachers are teaching and how they teach? Can I help teachers, or work with them along a different line altogether? What is teaching and what is learning?

How do I teach history in a totally different way?

As history is of man, and I am that man, and the child is that man, how am I as an educator to help the child to understand himself who is the total summation of mankind?

If I know how to observe every little thing around me then I know how to study myself. Because I have paid attention to the movement of the tree, the branch in the wind, watched it very carefully, I have learned to watch; which is, watch myself, my thoughts, my behaviour.

As I cannot see the whole of the horizon, in the same way I cannot see the whole of myself because my brain has been conditioned through centuries upon centuries to belong to something. Can this conditioning be broken through, can you go beyond this conditioning?

Why is life divided?

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