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What happens to the brain that is completely free from all pressure?

What happens to the brain that is completely free from all pressure?

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What is the common factor amongst all of us?

K School Discussion 1 - Brockwood Park,England - 24 September 1977

What is the common factor amongst all of us together?

Pursuing pleasure.

When you’re isolated through pleasure, what then is relationship?

At Brockwood our intention is to help each other to awaken intelligence in observing the activities of the ‘me’, the self, and also be academically excellent.

The beginning of the awakening of intelligence is finding out a way of living in which there is total absence of attachment and at the same time affection and care.

Finding out how to listen.

Are you aware that you are conditioned?

K School Discussion 2 - Brockwood Park,England - 2 October 1977

Why is it we are conditioned? Who conditions us?

The ‘me’ is always separate.

Pleasure is not only in the past; pleasure is the past. Pleasure is one of the great factors of isolation.

When there is an attachment, that is also a form of pleasure which is isolating.

Is it possible to live without any kind of conditioning?

Why have human beings made such a colossal thing of sex?

Can I, who am the representative of the rest of mankind, have clarity?

To keep sex in its right place is an art of living.

Freedom, authority and responsibility

K School Discussion 3 - Brockwood Park,England - 6 October 1977

What is freedom?

When we all talk things over, reasonably and clearly seeing together, there is no authority.

If we all see the same thing there is no need for agreement.

If you are in disorder inwardly and outwardly you are creating authority.

Why is there at Brockwood, at eight o’clock in the morning, an assembly of the school?

What happens when you sit quietly for even ten minutes or five minutes?

When you are young, why are you lazy?

Do you as a group see the importance of beginning the day with quietness?

Do you feel responsible for coming together in the morning?

Freedom means the emptying of your conditioning.

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Why does the brain register?

K School Discussion 4 - Brockwood Park,England - 9 October 1977

At Brockwood we are trying to awaken intelligence that is not born of thought.

Do you see the danger of division – politically, religiously, geographically, nationally?

Intelligence is to have extraordinary insight immediately. That is the action of intelligence, which is not the intelligence thought has created.

If you call me a fool, why should I register it?

If I had no image I would never be hurt.

Any form of image that one has about oneself is bound to bring about division and then conflict.

If there is no psychological registration there is intelligence.

What is the nature of the brain or the mind that doesn’t react?

Is there a way of living with no shadow of fear?

K School Discussion 5 - Brockwood Park,England - 13 October 1977

Thinking about the future creates fear.

What is your relationship with each other? Is it based on intelligence, or on opinion, your like and dislike?

Perception that you frighten me, that perception, that seeing, that insight is intelligence. Then that intelligence is going to act, not my fear of you.

Living in a small community, are you afraid of authority?

Out of disorder we create authority.

When you leave Brockwood, where we are all vegetarian, and then eat meat at home, you are conforming.

Why are you frightened of public opinion?

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The difference between duty and responsibility

K School Discussion 6 - Brockwood Park,England - 16 October 1977

To be responsible implies responding, reacting correctly to any challenge or happening.

What is it like to be without pressure?

What happens to the mind that is in constant battle?

Yoga is not muscular cultivation.

When there is constant strain, effort and pressure, is there love?

Is there passion when I follow duty? Is there passion when I’m really remembering pleasure and pursuing it?

What is insight and what is thought?

You try to control thought or anger, to suppress jealousy thinking that you are different from it, but you are that.

Insight is unlimited because it is not the product of thought. There is insight only when thought is in abeyance.

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The importance of living a life that is whole, not fragmented

K School Discussion 7 - Brockwood Park,England - 23 October 1977

What is the difference between concentration, awareness and attention?

What does it mean to have an insight into the nature of attention?

Can you watch yourself without any movement, any form of distortion, any like and dislike?

Is it possible not to register any psychological facts?

The Arab has an image, the Israeli has an image, so they are at battle with each other. War is the result of these images.

When you are attending, all your energy is there. When you are not paying attention the energy is dissipated, divided or broken down.

When a person gives all his energy in one direction, it is a neurotic way of living.

Is it possible to have a harmonious life in which there is no imbalance but every action complete in itself?

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Can the brain be aware of its movement of accumulation?

K School Discussion 8 - Brockwood Park,England - 30 October 1977

One cannot observe order in the universe if one is not completely, absolutely orderly.

Your consciousness is filled with layer after layer of pleasure, fear, pain and sorrow.

Why does the brain demand registration? Why has the brain become like a tape?

When there is pressure there is deformation or damage. When the brain is damaged or deformed, your actions are deformed.

What happens to a brain when there is no pressure of any kind?

The brain has been caught in illusion and so has damaged itself. Is it possible for the brain to be free of this? It can, it must, when it sees the danger of it.

Can thought be aware of itself, how it arises?

If there is no pressure of any kind the brain comes back to its original purity because it sees the tremendous futility of accumulation.

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