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Thinking about the future is the beginning of fear

Thinking about the future is the beginning of fear

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Do you see the importance of not being frightened?

K School (Students) Discussion 2 - Rishi Valley,India - 5 December 1978

Are you frightened of anybody?

How will you find out what is the right action so that you will never be frightened?

If there is fear you cannot love or be affectionate to another.

Is your interest strong and vital enough to withstand society and public opinion?

Can you distinguish between physical and non-physical fears?

Self-protection, to protect the body is not fear.

Fear exists because there is a future.

How can you get rid of past pain?

Can your mind and body be absolutely quiet and so gather a lot of energy?

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Can you observe your thinking?

K School (Students) Discussion 3 - Rishi Valley,India - 7 December 1978

Do you know what it means to look at something?

What do you find when you observe thought?

Can you look at one thought without letting it fly about?

What is the background from which thinking is born?

When you see something for the first time you can’t name it. It becomes memory the moment you name it.

Thinking about your exams makes you afraid.

To be free of fear is not to be involved in the past or the future.

Thinking itself is a movement of fear.

Right action is when there is no belief, prejudice or opinion.

To behave rightly is to have consideration and respect

K School (Students) Discussion 4 - Rishi Valley,India - 12 December 1978

Are you frightened by your teachers?

Why do you compete? Why does any group of people compete?

What is behaviour? Courtesy and consideration. What is it to yield happily to another’s wishes without being compelled?

Right behaviour implies courtesy, politeness, consideration and respect for others, whether a prime minister or a servant.

If the soil is not right, nothing will grow with any amount of planting seeds. When you listen with attention, in that soil the seed can take root and flower.

Look at the human being, not the word

K School (Students) Discussion 5 - Rishi Valley,India - 14 December 1978

Why do you think the mind should be kept quiet?

Can you look at the mountain without naming it?

The word is not the thing. When the word comes in between the observer and the observed, it distracts.

Identification prevents you from looking at a human being.

Can you observe your mind chattering?

If you separate yourself from anger, then you try to control, suppress or run away from it; but if you are that, the very thing that you have been calling anger changes completely.

What is a habit?

Why is the mind frightened or bored when it is not chattering?

The word is never the thing. I can paint a picture of that hill but the painting is not the hill.

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