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Never stop learning

Never stop learning

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What happens when you are concerned only with yourself?

K School (Students) Discussion 1 - Rishi Valley,India - 11 December 1980

When you are concerned about yourself, you build a wall which separates you from others.

Are you studying subjects for yourself, or to pass exams and get a job?

A motive is a movement of desire.

Why are you being educated?

What do you call a good life?

What happens when you have no relationship with anyone?

Do you realise that there is no security in a person?

Is there absolute security?

What do you mean by, ‘I get hurt’?

Will anybody help you to break the wall of self-concern?

Are you aware of what is happening in the technological world?

K School (Students) Discussion 2 - Rishi Valley,India - 13 December 1980

Computers will do almost anything that the human brain can do.

Robots will solve mechanical labour problems, changing society and allowing more and more leisure. What will you do with that leisure?

You are the result of the past. Your thinking is based on knowledge, the past. If you are living in the past, what is happening to your mind?

How do you look at yourself?

You are destroying yourself by comparing with somebody else.

If I am under pressure I limit my energy; when I am free my energy is enormous.

You have to find out what you mean by learning.

Note: a total of 10 minutes and 54 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.

Thinking about the future causes fear

K School (Students) Discussion 3 - Rishi Valley,India - 15 December 1980

Is there is a way of learning that is not mechanical or repetitive?

What do you want the future to be?

When you look at a flower, what is happening?

What do you feel when you have discovered that fear only exists because of something?

The moment thought operates it brings pleasure, pain or fear.

How will you prevent thought arising about the future?

Why is your mind occupied with something or other all the time?

Freedom, responsibility and discipline

K School (Students) Discussion 4 - Rishi Valley,India - 17 December 1980

A mind is only free when it is not caught in a programme.

What is the state of a mind that begins to question?

‘Thinking for yourself,’ is a dangerous statement.

Is intelligence operating, so that you never accept anything but are questioning, exploring, and awake all the time?

I feel responsible when I am here that this place is the most beautiful place on earth, where people grow, flower, become intelligent.

If you see what freedom, responsibility and discipline are, they are all together; not separate but one tremendous movement.

I want to be quiet but thought is going on. I am questioning why thought is going on, not wanting to be quiet – do you see the difference?

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