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Learning is not competition

Learning is not competition

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Acting without contradiction

K School Discussion 1 - Brockwood Park,England - 26 September 1976

Why do you come here and not go to other schools?

What does communication mean?

The first thing is to learn the art of listening.

Can you live a life in which there is no contradiction whatsoever?

The more you know about yourself, the more you see the common factor in all human beings – fear, anxiety, unhappiness and death. When you see something so enormous there is an extraordinary sense of depth and vitality.

Is there a different way of living where we don’t hate each other, where there is no violence, and there is some kind of affection and love?

What is it to be ‘whole’?

All thoughts are negative.

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Is there a different way of helping the student to learn?

K School Discussion 2 - Brockwood Park,England - 30 September 1976

When one is deeply hurt, the reaction is violence, hatred, anger or frustration. Is it possible never to be hurt?

Is it possible not to compare one student with another?

Everything around us is competitive and our whole society and education is structured on that.

Is there not a different way of helping the student to learn about himself, about mathematics and about the world? Learning is not competition.

What does it mean to learn?

Is there a different, non-mechanistic way of looking at life and living it?

Are you aware of your physical habits?

Why do you want to compare?

Why do you make an image of yourself?

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What is love?

K School Discussion 3 - Brockwood Park,England - 3 October 1976

What do you think love is?

When one says, ‘I love you,’ what does it mean? What is the depth of it, the full significance of it?

In attachment there is fear.

Do you know the difference between love and compassion?

Find out about what it means to meditate, because it’s part of life—like love, being hurt, fear, pleasure and having a skill or job.

Have you ever asked why you are being educated?

Intelligence means seeing something clearly and acting instantly, not seeing something and acting ten years later.

If you want to be a professional, find the right job, the right livelihood. Are you concerned with having money and position, or what your intelligence says?

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If you radically, psychologically change, you affect the consciousness of the world

K School Discussion 4 - Brockwood Park,England - 8 October 1976

In each human being the whole history of mankind is stored.

We are responsible for creating authority because we live a disorderly life.

By observing the outer, I relate it to my inner life and see that the outer and inner are the same.

It is very important for a human being to undergo a deep revolution psychologically.

There is the energy of illusion and the energy of truth. How do we know that we don’t have the energy of illusion?

Why do human beings create images about others?

Why is your brain always in activity? Because it is constantly in operation, you don’t listen, observe or see.

Is it possible to stop this movement of chatter? If you can stop it then you won’t form images.

Inward flowering

K School Discussion 5 - Brockwood Park,England - 10 October 1976

Is each one of us in this small community flowering?

Why is thought in itself limited?

You have identified yourself with a small group. Why don’t you identify yourself with the total human being, all the human beings in the world?

Can love be cultivated by thought?

Can you be totally empty in yourself, without being absorbed by the mountain, cloud, tree, the sound of a bird or the beauty of the land?

Ideas, ideals and religions are your toys and take you over. The moment they are questioned or disturbed, you are back to yourself and frightened.

When mechanical thought stops, there is something other.

Where there is beauty or love there is total absence of mischievous thought.

Can the constant movement of thought come to an end?

K School Discussion 6 - Brockwood Park,England - 14 October 1976

If I want to listen to you I must pay attention to what you are saying. There must be no chattering in my mind.

You say you must control thought but who is the controller? Is the controller different from other thoughts?

When you say, ‘I must control thought,’ who is it that says this? Who is that ‘I’?

Have you watched anything with all your senses?

When you pay complete attention then there is not only the awakening of the senses but there is no centre from which you are attending. There is no ‘me’ at that moment.

To negate all thought, that is, to have no thought at all, is meditation.

Can you live a life without conflict between two contradictory thoughts, desires or directions?

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