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How will you awaken intelligence in a student?

How will you awaken intelligence in a student?

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What is my relationship with the students?

K School (Teachers) Discussion 1 - Brockwood Park,England - 9 September 1976

How shall we communicate with the student so that we have different kind of human being leaving the schools?

What is the meaning of freedom?

How do you establish relationship?

How do you teach?

Does the educator, with the help of the student, want to learn what freedom is, so that he boils with it?

You are a new teacher, I’m an old teacher here. It is my responsibility to see that you understand something of what we’re doing.

When you are off the pedestal you have a different relationship with the students.

What is self-interest?

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How do you bring about order without authority?

K School (Teachers) Discussion 2 - Brockwood Park,England - 11 September 1976

It is important to establish right relationship between yourself and the student. You cannot do this if you are sitting on a pedestal as a teacher and treating the students as though below you. Come off the pedestal and establish a relationship of mutual learning.

You and the student are learning together.

To live without a motive implies enormous inward clarity.

Are you imposing your authority on the student?

How do you break down the habit-making of the mind or brain?

As a teacher, how am I going to convey this absolute freedom to the student?

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In the ending of violence is the flowering of intelligence

K School (Teachers) Discussion 3 - Brockwood Park,England - 16 September 1976

Is it possible to transform a human being, not over a long time but very quickly?

As a teacher, do I realise that the world is me, or is that just words?

How do you look at yourself?

Do you see violence as a tremendous danger in the world?

How do you help yourself and the student to be free of violence?

We are together as a community in the same boat.

Can I observe violence without any distortion?

Can you look at something without a single prejudice?

How shall we work together with the students to bring about the awakening of intelligence and order?

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Intelligence is to see something very clearly and act instantly

K School (Teachers) Discussion 4 - Brockwood Park,England - 18 September 1976

As teachers, how shall we awaken this intelligence not only in the student but in ourselves?

When a student is jealous and beginning to hate another, how do you go into it?

Do you know what it means to listen?

In talking to the student there must be a watchful care not to burden him with my problems.

Fear is a tremendous danger because when you are frightened you are paralysed.

Investigating fear

K School (Teachers) Discussion 5 - Brockwood Park,England - 20 September 1976

Seeing something very clearly and acting instantly is intelligence. Can we convey that to the student?

Can you observe attachment without any rationalisation?

There is no thinker without the thought; the thinker is the thought.

How am I to deal with pleasure and fear?

Does the word create fear or is there fear without the word?

Can my brain and my whole structure be free of word, thought and image?

Do you see habit as the most dangerous thing?

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Do we see the importance of the radical transformation of the human mind?

K School (Teachers) Discussion 6 - Brockwood Park,England - 24 September 1976

Q: How can one get across the essence of these teachings without the student becoming rigid and getting a very fixed concept of what it’s about, and acting out of that and becoming narrow?

Why do we make everything into ideas and conclusions?

Learning is a constant process.

How shall we cultivate this intelligence?

I feel very strongly that the students should radically change psychologically – that’s my chief concern, commitment and passion. They should be totally different human beings.

Is this a passion for you?

Do we see the absolute necessity of radical change in the human mind?

Students go to schools and colleges and are conditioned. If they can condition students, I don’t see why we can’t uncondition them here – which may be much more difficult.

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