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A good human being is one who is not fragmented

A good human being is one who is not fragmented

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What is your future?

K School (Students) Discussion 1 - Rishi Valley,India - 12 December 1983

Ideals are separating people; nationalism is creating wars.

Will you stop being nationalistic or calling yourself a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh?

If I don’t change now, my future will be exactly what I am now, slightly modified.

Nationalism is denying your security.

What is the future for each one of you?

Thinking about the future and the past causes pain and fear, but you do have to think about practical matters.

The future and the past are contained in the present.

Do you want to be free of fear or do you like it?

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The function of an educator is to help students have a good academic brain and be good human beings

K School (Students) Discussion 2 - Rishi Valley,India - 14 December 1983

I think being a teacher is the greatest profession in the world because they are preparing a new generation of people.

Society and government put pressure on you that you must kill. Will you?

A good human being is whole, not fragmented, saying one thing and doing another, thinking one thing and acting in a totally different way.

Do you know what ambition does?

Do you want to lead a mediocre life?

It’s your responsibility as well as mine in this relationship to help each other to be good.

What makes the brain degenerate?

If the computer and the robot take over the activities of human beings, what is going to happen to us?

To change the society, change yourself.

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Where do I look to see what I am?

K School (Students) Discussion 3 - Rishi Valley,India - 16 December 1983

Relationship is one of the most sacred things in life. In relationship you discover everything that you are.

Our actions, feelings, everything we do is limited because it is controlled by thought.

When you know what you are through your relationship, and penetrate that, then you can go an immeasurable distance inwardly.

If I see that nationalism is one of the causes of war, killing people by the million, I no longer belong to any country.

If you realise that you are mediocre and you break through it, you cease to be mediocre and are intelligent.

What do you consider as religion?

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