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The ending of time

The ending of time

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Please note that dialogues 1 to 8 are only available on audio format. For complete series see:

Senility and the brain cells

Dialogue 9 - Brockwood Park,England - 1 June 1980

Is the human brain deteriorating?

The human brain is not a particular brain, it doesn’t belong to me or to anyone else, it is the human brain which has evolved for millions of years.

Can the brain not only be aware of its own movement but can the brain itself have enough energy to break all patterns and move out of it?

Is psychological knowledge not in itself a factor of the shrinking of the brain?

The ending of suffering comes about when the self, which is built up through time, is no longer there.

If there is an insight into the nature of time the very brain cells which are part of time break down. The brain cells mutate, bring about a change in themselves.

Meditation is insight.


Cosmic order

Dialogue 10 - Brockwood Park,England - 7 June 1980

Is there an order which is not man-made?

Can the brain ever be free from the impositions, pressures, wounds, bruises, all the trivialities of existence?

Time is my whole existence. I take refuge in the past, which cannot be changed. Why does the brain accept this way of living, and why doesn’t it break it down?

As long as I have my roots in the past there cannot be order.

If the universe is not of time, can the mind which has been entangled in time, unravel itself and so be the universe?


The liberation of insight

Dialogue 11 - Brockwood Park,England - 14 September 1980

Can insight wipe away, banish or dissolve the whole movement of being tied, attached, dependent and lonely?

Is there an order which is not man-made?

Measurement can exist only where there is disorder.

We live in a man-made world, we are the result of man-made minds. Can the mind uncondition itself so completely that it’s no longer man-made?

What is the relationship between love and hatred?


The intelligence of love

Dialogue 12 - Brockwood Park,England - 16 September 1980

Can the mind, brain, the whole psychological structure ever be free from all conflict, from all shadow of disturbance?

Thought is the outcome of psychological accumulation. That accumulation gives a sense of continuity, which is time.

Why do all human beings throughout the world have the urge to become?

In accumulation man has sought psychological security, and that security with its accumulation is the factor of human division.

Perception without any motive, without any direction, perception of the wall which has been brought into being by this movement of accumulation, the very perception of that is intelligence and love.


The ending of psychological knowledge

Dialogue 13 - Brockwood Park,England - 18 September 1980

Why are our minds always operating in a certain direction?

What shall I do, as a human being, realising that knowledge is naturally, inevitably forming a groove in which I live? How am I to break it down?

Pure observation, which is actually listening, is that pure observation love?

When I ask you to tell me what to do, I am back in the field of knowledge.

We have tried everything – fasting, every kind of thing to get rid of the ‘me’ with all its knowledge, with all its illusions. One tries to identify with something else, which is the same. A serious man has done all this and comes back to the fundamental question: what will make this wall totally disappear?


The mind in the universe

Dialogue 14 - Brockwood Park,England - 20 September 1980

Is thought a material process?

Is it possible to have a mind that is really completely empty of all the things that thought has put together?

Only the insight into the nature of reaction ends psychological reaction.

There is absolute stillness and in that stillness, or from that stillness, there is a movement which is everlastingly new.

Can the silent movement of order affect my daily life when I have deep inward psychological order?

Freedom is not a reaction.

There is the universal mind, and the human mind can be of that when there is freedom.


Can human problems be solved?

Dialogue 15 - Brockwood Park,England - 27 September 1980

Why have human beings throughout the world not been able to resolve human, daily problems of life? What are the things that prevent the solution of these problems completely?

When there is attention there is no centre from which I attend.

A poor man wants to be rich and a rich man wants to be richer. It is a movement of becoming, becoming, both outwardly and inwardly. Though it brings a great deal of pain and sometimes pleasure, this sense of becoming, fulfilling, achieving psychologically has made my life into all that it is.

Is love something that is common to all of us?

From the particular move to the general, from the general move away still deeper, and there perhaps is this purity of that thing called compassion, love and intelligence. But that means giving your mind and heart to this. Your whole being must be involved in this.


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