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To live in the present, time must come to an end (MP3 Disc)

To live in the present, time must come to an end (MP3 Disc)

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To live in the present, time must come to an end

Six Public Discussions, London, UK, 1965       


1. Can we deal with life as a whole? - 22 April 1965

Duration: 93 minutes

How is one to be aware and be free of one’s own mechanical ways of thinking, without creating another mechanism?

Can I take stock of myself without pleasure or pain, just as I am?

Can we look at something with all our being?

Without understanding desire and will, which separate life into fragments, I shall not be able to solve the issue of fragmentation.

I must be completely familiar with desire, not destroy it, resist it, or try to be without it.


2. Effort involves dissipation of energy - 26 April 1965

Duration: 93 minutes

Is it possible to live without effort and yet be intensely active?

How is a human being to break away from a mechanical existence so that life is creative?

Why does thought interfere with desire?

What is the act of learning?

How does one come to the point where, in full enjoyment of something, it ends?

There are moments when I am completely attentive or aware, and there are long periods in which I am not. What am I to do?

How can I live in the present when I am the result of the past?


3. Time is disorder - 29 April 1965

Duration: 85 minutes

Is it possible to be totally free of fear, not tomorrow but in the now?

The mere discovery of the cause of sorrow doesn’t end sorrow.

Energy is needed to meet something which I don’t understand.

We know only physical and psychological time, and we are caught in this. 

If psychological time is rejected completely, we may find a time which is not related to physical and psychological time.

Is one’s clarity verbal or is it factual?

One has to understand the extraordinary drive of pleasure and the nature of time which gives pleasure duration as thought.

The mind is completely still when you reject time, the principle of pleasure and its continuity.



4. Is it possible to live in this world without experiencing? - 3 May 1965

Duration: 82 minutes

We only know space from a centre, which is the observer, and so our space always has a limit.

If the mind is crowded and has no space, you cannot really observe.

To observe totally demands a seeing, a hearing in which distance and space are not.

Is it possible for the ‘me’ to cease and therefore for space to exist?

It is only the disordered mind that seeks experience or wants more experience.

Is it possible to die to the known?

If there is an interval of time between seeing and acting, the seeing and acting result in disorder.

Q: What is silence?

Q: Is it not possible that it is physical time that pulls us into this whole mess?


5. On change and meditation - 6 May 1965

Duration: 84 minutes

When there is a motive to change, it is change within the field of the known.

Can you drop a habit completely, immediately?

Having brought order, the mind is very sane and therefore has no illusions.

There is a movement which is silence, which is meditation.

When the experiencer experiences silence, it is not silence.

Where there is tremendous order, the mind naturally comes to a point where it has no movement of any kind because it is no longer experiencing itself as a movement or as a non-movement.

What is creation?


6. Is it possible to look at fear out of silence? - 9 May 1965

Duration: 87 minutes

Is going within oneself a matter of time?

Why do we give such extraordinary importance to thinking and the intellect?

Is it possible for a human being to step out of the everlasting circle of fear, guilt and desperate loneliness?

Pleasure is not love; pleasure is the continuation of memory, which feeds and sustains pleasure.

Looking without words.

If I can look at a flower out of silence, I can look at myself and all the problems which exist in me.

Can you look at the tree not as an observer?

When you are attentive there is neither outside nor inside.



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