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Thought is never new (MP3 Disc) - Two Public Discussions

Thought is never new (MP3 Disc) - Two Public Discussions

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Two Public Discussions, Ojai, 1974


Summary of Contents: 

1.Thinking, relationship and fear - 31 March 1974

Duration: 88 minutes

If we are weak, why should we create its opposite?

Why are human beings violent?

What takes place when you conform?

Is the thinker separate from thought? Is there thought without the thinker?

What is thinking?

Thought is divisive and brings about fragmentation. Our whole life is based on thought and therefore is fragmented.

An intelligent, alert, capable life in which there is no conflict whatsoever.

Relationship, to be completely related, means not to have any image.

As long as you have an image about somebody you are not related to them.

When you know you are not paying complete attention, that awareness is attention.

Can you observe the whole map of fear? Who is the observer looking at the map?


2. Meditation, energy and regeneration in consciousness - 7 April 1974

Duration: 83 minutes

What is the relationship of thought, intelligence, mind and consciousness?

To bring about change in one’s consciousness, meditation becomes extraordinarily important.

Thought is never free, thought is never new. Thought is the response of the known, which is the past.

A mind in meditation is a total, complete, silent mind.

To understand silence one has to investigate what consciousness is.

Human beings have become extraordinarily violent and are incapable of facing this fact.

What is loneliness?

We complain about not having love, from others or in oneself. I wonder why.

What does it mean to love?

A new ability to look.

What are we being educated for?

When you look at a tree, is the ‘me’ looking or do you look without the ‘me’?

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