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The extraordinary state of mind when there is no authority (MP3 Disc)

The extraordinary state of mind when there is no authority (MP3 Disc)

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Eight Small Group Discussions, Gstaad, 1962


Summary of Contents: 

1. A passion which has no motive - 14 August 1962

Duration: 77 minutes

Real passion is a state in which there is no motive; not passion for something.

Is there anything in your life which has no cause?

What happens when I realise that everything I do or don’t do, feel or don’t feel, has a cause, a motive?

Whatever I do about the fact will have a motive because my whole being is full of motive.

Is your mind capable of remaining quietly with the fact, not chasing, doing, acting, answering?

Why does the mind escape from the fact?

What is passion without motive or cause?


2. Imitation and negative thinking - 15 August 1962

Duration: 76 minutes

How deeply does the imitative process go?

Negative thinking can begin only when the imitative process stops.

Can the mind be free from imitation and in a state of negation, an emptiness from which it acts?

Security in any form breeds imitation.

We have accepted the imitative process, refined it, modified it; we have never asked, ‘Can it end?’ and, ‘If it ends, then what?’

There is security, which is positive, imitative, and negative thinking is not.

Nobody, no leader, no book can help you find out.


3. Do we go to the end of anything? - 16 August 1962

Duration: 80 minutes

A mature mind must have reached the end of its tether, finished with the church, communism, nationalism, gods.

Understanding one facet of life will bring understanding of all other facets, you haven’t to go through them all.

I have watched, I have listened, I have gone into myself, I have finished. At the end of it all I come to the point when I am completely empty; there is no movement.

We are always thinking what to do, never saying, ‘I can’t do anymore,’ and waiting.

Why should I know about anyone else? Somebody has reached and somebody has not. I don’t want to know what they have reached; I want to find out.

We don’t go to the end of anything, such as authority; we go halfway and then on to something else.


4. Authority and imitation - 17 August 1962

Duration: 65 minutes

What is involved in accepting ‘spiritual’ authority? Why does one accept it?

Can you remain with the discontent, a fury inside you, and not with the object?

I reject authority, either outer or inner.

Why do we want a permanent relationship with anybody?

Thought gives continuity.

There is a continuity through recognition, through like and dislike.

When stripped of everything society has imposed, what have I left?

The fact is this thing called ‘me’ is empty.

How does one face a fact?

When you have denied everything, you come to a point where you really don’t know what you are.

What is the state of the mind that has completely wiped away everything that it knows?


5. Seeing authority as a poison - 18 August 1962

Duration: 83 minutes

Through choice, deliberation, through purposive, directive focusing, we pursue a particular path or tendency.

There is a much deeper action than the action brought through choice.

Idea and action.

Is it possible to be free from inward psychological states of authority?

To free oneself from authority, one has to understand reaction.

If you see authority as poison it is finished.

I have taken 30 years to see but you immediately see. What has taken place? Why have I taken 30 years?

What happens if you are seeking answers, explanations? This dissipation prevents you from seeing instantly.


6. What is the state of the mind that discovers? - 19 August 1962

Duration: 72 minutes

What is the state of the mind that discovers itself, its own habits, patterns and ways of thinking?

Do you discover jealousy or do you recognise it?

Is the mechanism of discovery similar to recognition or is it entirely different?

The process of recognition makes the mind insensitive.

In the process of analysis there is always the observer and the thing observed.

As long as there is a censor or conflict of any kind, there is no discovery.

The process of recognition and the process of analysis have a centre which is time.

There is no discovery while the mind functions in time and space.

What is the relationship of discovery and creation?


7. Fear is preventing us from looking - 20 August 1962

Duration: 70 minutes

There is creation when authority in the deep sense ceases.

How do you break habit?

I see that my life is based on fear. What do I mean by ‘see’?

At what level do I see? Verbally? Emotionally? At a level of recognising and translating?

Why don’t we see intellectually, verbally or emotionally how our life is guided by a pattern?

I am afraid of breaking my settled, habitual thinking, attitude and relationship.

Learning about the whole anatomy of authority.

The mind must be in a most extraordinary state when there is no authority.

You have to get up and go, uproot your moorings, not comfortably say, ‘Let’s talk about it.’


8. Once discovery is deeply taking place there is nothing more to discover - 21 August 1962

Duration: 63 minutes

How can one come to this inward awakened state which answers all our problems?

Have you gone to the very end of envy or jealousy so that you are out of it?

What is the state of the mind that has completely understood authority and is free from it?

If there is real attention jealousy disappears. Apparently we don’t have that attention.

Knowledge is tremendously important to us but it is necessary to be free of knowledge to discover.

To end seeking is a marvellous thing, implying the ending of all experience and demand for experience.

The mind is tremendously alert. You don’t have to seek it, it is there.

In alertness something else takes place, a totally different movement.


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