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The crisis in human consciousness - Series 2 (MP3 DISC)

The crisis in human consciousness - Series 2 (MP3 DISC)

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Ojai 1981

Duration: 5 hours. 

1. Seminar 1 - There is no individual consciousness

It is possible to change radically, bringing about a mutation in consciousness?

I have no separate consciousness from the human consciousness as a whole. My relationship is just an abstraction; it’s not an actuality.

What is it that divides a human being from another human being? Is it thought? Is it the image I have built?

When I’m self-centred, do I have an actual relationship with anything at all?

In the investigation into consciousness one realises the investigator himself is consciousness.

When the observer is the observed, the whole movement of contradiction comes to an end. As long as there is a division between the observer and the observed, conflict must exist.

What are the factors that block relationship?

Loneliness is not separate from me; ‘me’ is lonely. Loneliness is the essence of separation.


2. Seminar 2 - Consciousness and learning

How do you approach a problem when you’re not seeking an answer?

Consciousness itself is the problem.

Unless I approach a problem without prejudice, I don’t understand the problem itself.

Can we approach a problem freely?

Why is our brain constantly occupied?

What is a habit?

We are full of knowledge from other people; we never say, ‘I don’t know.’

My mind is occupied and therefore only learns about what it is occupied with, not about learning itself.

There is no question of learning from somebody; there is no teacher and disciple.

Mankind has been searching for greater experience but has never realised that the experiencer is the experience.

The act of learning is a mind which is free from any bondage or blockage


3Seminar 3 - Have we lost all sense of religion?

What is missing in the world?

I want a mirror in which I can see myself very clearly without distortion.

The origin is that which is not nameable, that which is sacred, not of knowledge.

The learning of insight is the beginning of freedom.

When you see the nature of one religion, you have seen them all, including the gurus and sects.

Meditation is the sceptical, not intellectual, inquiry into life, purging oneself of all that thought has created as religion.

Ending means no time, no continuity, not-knowing, a sense of total cessation; that is, to live with death. Ending is vast space.

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