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Freedom means a quality of mind which has no division in itself (MP3 Disc)

Freedom means a quality of mind which has no division in itself (MP3 Disc)

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Violence and the ‘me’

6 June 1970

Can the human mind solve our social and inward problems without any kind of violence?

What is violence?

Does a human being want to be free of all violence?

Is it possible to live without direction?

Any movement of the ‘me’ is still the ‘me’, which is the root of violence.

Is it possible to live without the ‘me’?

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Is there a living in which there is no violence?

7 June 1970

Can one look without a purpose, without a direction, without a sense of duality?

To deny something without really understanding it, is a form of violence.

Any movement of thought is the ‘me’. Can the mind observe without thought?

Violence means conformity.

Violence comes the moment there is a purpose, a direction, a division.

One has to learn how to watch without duality.

When there is complete attention thought does not interfere

13 June 1970

Why is there this tremendous activity of division in our lives?

We want to live in total harmony, without the contradiction of desires. Is this possible?

Can I look at disharmony without the process of analysis, in which there is the division between the analyser and the analysed?

Being absorbed in something is entirely different from being attentive.

Attention is not the division brought about through concentration. Attention is not analysis. In a mind that is completely attentive, thought doesn’t enter with its divisions.

There can be attention without the movement of the senses.

Can a mind in contradiction know what harmony is?

14 June 1970

To live a harmonious life attention must be non-contradictory.

An action that is a product of analysis is non-action.

A non-contradictory life, a life of complete and total harmony, what would such a life’s work be in art or in science or anything?

You are conditioned by society, which human beings have created. Unless there is a deep, radical change within oneself, social change does not bring about harmonious life.

Can you look without accumulating knowledge?

What is sleep?

A mind that is incessantly active, can it ever create?

Can a divided mind perceive the wholeness of life?

20 June 1970

Is it possible to look at everything as a whole?

Freedom means a quality of mind which has no division in itself.

Is verbal comprehension really understanding?

How do you see anything new?

Can the mind look at the various fragments, including thought itself, without the censor, without division as the observer and the observed?

When you look, your look is fragmented. Then what will you do?

Are you aware of your conditioning?

How can there be separation when the mind looks without any movement of choice?

What is the quality of the mind that has seen the effects of division?

21 June 1970

Are we aware of the many fragments of which we are?

Why should I suffer, have pain or fear because of what I see in myself?

Having built walls of resistance, must I go to somebody to help me to tear down these walls? Why should I seek help from anybody?

The past resistances are part of the mind. What can the mind do about its own part, which it has built?

The mind itself is the machinery of resistance.

How do you know that thought brings about fragmentation?

What is the use of having an ideal?

What is love?

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