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To find out what love is one must die to the past (MP3 Disc)

To find out what love is one must die to the past (MP3 Disc)

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Freedom and love

19 November 1967

Attention implies care, to look with care at one’s own life, one’s way of thinking and activity. You cannot care if there is no affection.

Without freedom, total freedom, there can be no love. A serious man is committed to these two things only and to nothing else.

A mind that is not free, that is tethered to a belief, an ambition, a family, or to some petty god of its own invention, such a mind can never understand the extraordinary beauty or love that comes out of freedom.

To look, to see and to listen is only possible when there is freedom from thoughts, emotions, condemnations and judgements.

Q: Is choiceless awareness possible in the activities of daily life: in the office, at home, when you are by yourself or when you are talking?


Being alone means being innocent

23 November 1967

Awareness is the quality of mind which observes without any justification or condemnation, approval or disapproval, like or dislike – merely observes.

Is fear the result of thought?

The abandonment of authority brings about a sense of complete aloneness, a sense of not depending on any book or any authority. You then travel lightly, not carrying other people’s burden and authority.

We are not innocent, we carry the burden of what a thousand people have said. We carry the memories of our own misfortunes.

Q: What is your opinion about the ideals human beings should have?

Q: How can the conditioned mind examine the unconditioned?

Q: Can we reach a state of awareness, of freedom, in our daily life?

Q: Do you approve of group formations around what you have talked about, and do you think it is worthwhile?


Love is not mechanical

26 November 1967

We need energy to learn, to look and listen, but that energy is limited when I look or listen from particular knowledge or an accumulated burden.

Energy is dissipated through effort. What does effort mean?

As long as there is a duality psychologically, there must be conflict. Conflict is violence.

Love is something that is not mechanical. Pleasure is mechanical.

To find out what love is, one must die to the past.

Q: What is the function of thought in everyday life?

Thought rooted in the past creates time.

Q: When you die, what will happen?


Intelligence creates its own austerity

30 November 1967

How can a small mind, a mediocre mind, which seems to be so powerful in the world, become something totally different?

To look is to act. To see is to do.

Austerity means order, precise thinking. There can be no austerity if there is no awareness, not only of things outwardly but also psychologically, inwardly.

Repetition of any experience or of any word creates a mechanical process of thought, an established formula, system, and therefore your mind becomes narrow, shallow, dull.

Man must have space, and as space is being denied outwardly one must have space inwardly.

Can the mind empty itself of the image, the centre?

Meditation is emptying the mind of the past.

Q: One fragment of the mind is looking at the other fragment and hence contradiction, hence conflict. Is it possible to look totally?

Q: What is remembering, what is learning, what is knowledge and what is understanding?


What causes disorder inwardly?

3 December 1967

Where is one to begin to bring about order?

When you act you have energy, tremendous energy, but when you theorise, intellectually discuss, then action is not possible.

When a guru or teacher says that he knows and he will lead you, then he will lead you to your own destruction, to disorder within yourself. One cannot follow anybody; one has to find the truth for oneself.

One of the fundamental causes of disorder is the separation of idea and action.

What is action without the idea?

A religious mind does not seek at all. It cannot experiment with truth.

Q: Is reincarnation not a fact?

Q: What is the difference between awareness and introspection?


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