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Magnitude of the Mind (MP3 Disc)

Magnitude of the Mind (MP3 Disc)

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Five Public Meetings, Colombo, 1980 


Summary of Contents: Four Public Talks 

1. Life is relationship and action - 8 November 1980

Duration: 76 minutes

What is the condition of man?

Listening is a great art, one we have not cultivated: to listen completely to another.

To bring about a different society you as a human being who is the rest of mankind must radically change.

Doubt is of great importance, it gives you tremendous energy.

Life is a movement in relationship; you cannot exist without relationship.

What is our present relationship with each other?

To understand image-making common to mankind, one has to go into the question of what is thought, thinking and the nature of thought.

Is it possible to live a daily life without a single image?

The mirror in which you can study yourself is the mirror of relationship.

In watching, listening to yourself carefully without any direction or motive, you begin to read the story of mankind, which is yourself.


2. The book of life - 9 November 1980

Duration: 71 minutes

The art of listening to what the book of life is saying.

The book is you; you can’t tell the book what it should reveal; it will reveal everything.

Learning means inquiring into the limits of knowledge and moving away from it.

Disorder exists as long as there is contradiction.

As long as you are acting self-centredly, selfishly, egotistically, personally, narrowing the whole of this vast life into the little ‘me’, you will inevitably create disorder.

The book asks you: is it possible to be completely free of fear?

What is the relationship between time and thought?

Time destroys understanding because understanding is immediate; it is not ‘I will learn to understand’.

Real meditation is to inquire whether time can ever stop.

To inquire into the nature of the ending of time requires a silent mind, a mind that is free to observe, that is not frightened.


3. What is death? - 15 November 1980

Duration: 74 minutes

In the very looking into desire you begin to have an insight into its nature.

Thought creating an image is the beginning of desire. Can that image come to an end?

Enjoyment is totally different from pleasure.

Pleasure means the avoidance of punishment and holding on to that which is pleasurable. Our minds function within this punishment and reward.

We live with suffering and have accepted it.

Can suffering end?

What is sorrow?

If you remain completely immovably with suffering, it completely ends and there is a totally different beginning.

Why has the mind separated death and living?

While living can you end attachment?

Find out for yourself if there is anything permanent in your life.


4. What is the magnitude of the mind? - 16 November 1980

Duration: 68 minutes

We have not been able to fathom the enormous energy that lies in the mind.

Psychologically you are the world and the world is you. When you realises this fact, you become astonishingly responsible about what you think and do, how you behave.

Enlightenment is not of time, it doesn’t come through years of practice, renunciation, asceticism.

Time has no place for the religious mind.

Meditation comes naturally if you have put your house in order, which means there is no conflict in you, not a shadow of effort. This is an immense challenge for the human mind.

We are always asking for peace of mind but there is no peace in the mind.

Peace exists only when there is total absence of violence. There is violence if you are ambitious.

Religion is the uncovering of that which is most holy, which has no name, which is the absolute truth, the origin of everything.

Man has very rarely gone inward. There he can find an immense immeasurable universe.


Summary of Contents: One Public Discussion 

1. The root of all fear - 12 November 1980

Duration: 95 minutes

When we talk about world government, world organisation, world religion, world economy, where would we begin?

Is your mind capable of comprehending the global issue?

As human beings are violent and ambitious, seeking power and position, we create the society in which we live.

Is religion a series of rituals? Is religion to be translated by priests?

What shall we do together to bring about a different kind of education in the world?

We are investigating what fear is. In the very investigation, fear ends.

What is the root of fear? Not your particular fear.

Fear is like a tree with many branches, with all kinds of flowers and fruits.

Can time as thought come to an end, which then does not create fear?

Why does the mind register fear?


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