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Learn while you are young (MP3 Disc) - 15 School Discussions (2 VOLUMES)

Learn while you are young (MP3 Disc) - 15 School Discussions (2 VOLUMES)

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Volume 1


  1. 1.     Freedom to learn - 5 May 1975     

Duration: 93 minutes

• What is the aim of this school?

• Are you learning here?

• What is your attitude towards learning?

• Curiosity, energy and attention.

• One can learn only when there is freedom.

• Freedom doesn’t mean to do what you want to do.

• The nature and structure of authority.


2. Authority and influence - 9 May 1975

Duration: 108 minutes

• Learning what is implied in authority.

• Why is conformity to authority so strong in the world?

• Why do you accept authority?

• Most people accept authority as a means of survival, both psychological and physiological.

• Are you aware that you are influencing others and others are influencing you?

• If I am being influenced by everything around me, there is no freedom.

• Is it possible to have a mind which has not been influenced at all?

• Why do you have images?


3. What is the most important thing in life? - 11 May 1975

Duration: 101 minutes

• What is the most important thing to learn in life?

• Ambition, relationship, thought and love.

• What is the most essential thing in life, which will cover the whole field of  existence?

• Are you curious about one or two things or are you curious about the whole of life?

• Energy and curiosity.

• Why aren’t you totally, completely curious about yourself?

• A mind that is in disorder cannot learn.


4. Excellence - 15 May 1975

Duration: 90 minutes

• What is the starting point of inquiry and learning.

• The moment there is a competitive spirit, excellence ceases.

• Why are you competitive?

• Do you see that you are conditioned to compete?

• Why do you have opinions?


5. Like and dislike - 18 May 1975

Duration: 95 minutes

• Are you envious of other people?

• Why dislike a fact?

• Why do you dislike somebody?

• Opposites.

• Violence implies comparison.

• Can the mind, so heavily conditioned for millions of years, free itself?

• Is this place helping you to be unconditioned altogether?

• The spirit of learning.



6. Meditation and yoga - 22 May 1975

Duration: 83 minutes

• Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga.

• Meditation and controlling thought.

• Mechanical meditation.

• Reality and illusion.

• Fact and truth.

• Complete action, out of time.

• What is action which has no motive, which is not related to the past or to the future?

• To empty consciousness of its content is part of meditation.

• A sensitive, healthy, vital body is necessary if you want to know what meditation is.

7. Thinking - 25 May 1975

Duration: 90 minutes

• Is there a thinking without words, images, symbols?

• Thought is a movement in time.

• The description, the word, is not the truth. The truth is ‘what is’.

• Seeing the fact.

• In becoming there is no stability, no security, no certainty.


8. The untidy mind - 29 May 1975

Duration: 87 minutes

• Listening, interest and attention.

• Experience.

• What keeps the memory of yesterday’s incidents active?

• An untidy mind cannot have a deep interest in anything.

• Images and hurts.

• Are you aware that your mind is untidy?

• What am I?

 (Volume 1 on its own = £16)



Volume 2


9. What silence is - 1 June 1975

Duration: 90 minutes

• What do you mean by seeing?

• If I am aware that I am silent, is that silence?

• Observing without the past.

• When you realise you are greed, what happens?

• What does it mean to learn?

• Why is it important to learn about oneself?

• The mirror of relationship.


10. Death and ending - 3 June 1975

Duration: 93 minutes

• What does death mean to you?

• Attachment, loss and loneliness.

• Being and becoming.

• Ending every day.

• Dropping habits.

• What takes place in the interval  between  thoughts?


11. What will change man? - 12 June 1975

Duration: 103 minutes

• What does ‘to change’ really mean?

• What does it mean to be aware?

• Is there a difference between awareness and consciousness?

• Perception is timeless.

• Seeing the whole of something.

• My mind is chattering and I am aware of it. Am I different from that chattering?


12. The superficial mind - 15 June 1975

Duration: 96 minutes

• How can we go deeply if we’re always living at the verbal level?

• Are you aware of the fact without the description?

• What happens to a superficial mind?

• Are you aware that you are living at the level of superficiality?

• A limited mind is a dangerous mind.

• Can a superficial mind know what love and beauty are?

• What is beauty?



13. Respect - 19 June 1975

Duration: 110 minutes

• Can you cultivate respect?

• Do you have respect for anybody?

• Do you admire anybody or anything?

• Excellence has nothing whatsoever to do with ambition.

• Is respect mechanical?

• Disrespect.


14. The whole content of my consciousness is me - 22 June 1975

Duration: 103 minutes

• Is there a quality of mind that will solve problems and not carry them?

• Are you aware that your mind is confused?

• Is confusion brought about through comparison?

• If I am anger, I can’t do anything about it. It is. That is the truth. What I do about anger is not truth.

• What is it that brings about clarity in consciousness?

• Seeing and action.

• What relationship has respect to discipline?


15. Knowledge does not change man - 26 June 1975

Duration: 88 minutes

• Why do we have beliefs?

• If you don’t accept anything but are actually capable of observing, there is no necessity for any belief.

• Since knowledge has not changed man radically, what will bring about a change in man?

• It is your tremendous responsibility to change.

• Intelligent action.

(Volume 2 on its own = £14)

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