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We are here to learn (MP3 Disc)

We are here to learn (MP3 Disc)

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Are you revolutionary?

21 May 1972

How are you going to meet the world?

Conforming and imitating.

Are you revolutionary?

Do you own ideas, beliefs and conclusions?

Responsibility, laziness and authority.

Why are you hurt?

The image takes the place of reality, which is that I am absolutely nothing.

You can live without an image

23 May 1972

Energy without motive.

Resistance and wasting energy.

Contradictory demands.

Action without conflict.

Action based on facts.

You can live without an image.

The Ganges.

Morning Meeting.

I want to look at myself, understand myself.

The trap of mediocrity

1 June 1972

What is emotion?

Is there a feeling which is not a reaction?

To see originally, without the image.

When are images necessary?

The implications of mediocrity.

Be clear why you want to follow a certain career.

Are you going to fall into the trap of mediocrity?

See whether thought can be quiet.

Refreshing the mind

4 June 1972

Can I act without any kind of fear?

We are here to learn.

Dependency on someone to learn.

Refreshing the mind between lessons.

What am I to do when I have been hurt?

Listen completely.

Sitting quietly.


8 June 1972

Is intelligence cultivatable?

Action springing from intelligence

When you drop your prejudices you are learning.

Once you see the absurdity of prejudices you will never pick one up.

What am I?

11 June 1972

A history of religious inquiry.

Yoga and physical health.

What am I?

The process of identification.

The burden of experience.

Observe, learn and act in one movement.


An action which reveals the totality of the ‘me’.


15 June 1972

The significance of knowledge.

What is simplicity?


Communication without the movement of thought.

What is the state of the mind that is attentive?

Why are you fragmented?

Seeing a fact together

18 June 1972

Why do we separate living from dying?

What is living to you?

Conflict and harmony.

The phenomenon of death.

If we see the same thing at the same time with the same intensity at the same level then our action is harmonious.

Imitation and conformity.

Seeing a fact together.

Meet this world intelligently.

The danger of hurts

22 June 1972

How do you react to pain?

Is there a way of dealing with pain without conflict, struggle?

How do you watch pain?

What happens when you have all these hurts inside you?

How shall I deal with past hurts?

Seeing the importance of having a mind that cannot be hurt.

The danger of hurts.

Conclusions prevent insight.

Love and beauty

25 June 1972

What is your response to the way the world is?

What is the movement that brings about total harmony in a human being?

What is love?

What is beauty?

Co-operation and working together.

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