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The brain cannot deteriorate when it is free (MP3 Disc)

The brain cannot deteriorate when it is free (MP3 Disc)

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What are the factors of jealousy?

2 June 1983

Q: Why are human beings what they are, from ancient days until now?

Where there is comparison and possessiveness there is jealousy.

The moment I begin to compare there is dissatisfaction and jealousy.

If I am confused and cannot rely on my own judgment, what does it imply?

Do you see that your judgment and that of others has no value?

Do you feel that your freedom is suppressed, restrained, controlled?

Why are there rules in a community?

We are trained in schools, colleges and universities to compare.


What will you do to have peace in the world?

5 June 1983

Is it possible to live in this world peacefully?

Can you have peace in yourself?

Can you have a global outlook?

What does friendship mean?

If you say, ‘I am an American,’ you are conditioned.

When you believe in something and I believe in something, we are conditioned.

Why do you want to listen to what I am telling you and yet go on thinking all the time?

We cannot have world peace if each one of us is sticking to his own thing.

Peace must begin with ourselves, not with the world or a new government.

Why do you have problems?


Conflict is a wastage of energy

12 June 1983

Why have human beings not found a way of living that is peaceful and without conflict?

It is a wastage of energy when I try to be something I am not.

What does it mean to remain with the fact?

When you are not pursuing the opposite, which is a wastage of energy, which is a non-fact, then you have the energy to look at the fact.

Why do you say that you understand intellectually or verbally?

You are not different from what you observe in yourself.

Could you investigate why you hold on to your conditioning?

Perhaps it would have a tremendous effect if a few of us that can live without conflict.

The computer will do most of the things we can, and unless our brain is very active it’s going to become dull and wither.

Either you lose yourself in pleasure, amusement and superficial things or you enter into a world that has no end, with immense depth and vastness. This is for you to find out.


Can our brains not be programmed?

16 June 1983

The brain can become fresh and not deteriorate only if it is not programmed.

What does it mean to be programmed, conditioned?

Fragmentation is inherent in us. Do we refuse to see the fragments?

It is important not to be programmed.

Can the brain not deteriorate?

Find out whether you can live without conflict and problems.

Smoking, drinking and excessive excitement, conflict and competition are factors in the deterioration of brain.

As long as you have an image you are going to be hurt.

Can the brain be kept healthy, sane and free from conflict?

Selfishness is fragmentation.


How will you stop being mediocre?

19 June 1983

What is mediocrity?

Is your action based on reward and punishment?

Are you dull because you compare yourself with another who is not dull?

As long as you never demand the highest of yourself, that is the essence of mediocrity.

How do I realise I am mediocre?

What role has thought in relationship?

Do you see the false as false?

Note: a total of 36 minutes and 38 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


What makes the brain deteriorate?

23 June 1983

What makes the brain gradually deteriorate, disintegrate?

Are our ideas a deteriorating factor?

What is an idea?

Can you look at a fact without any bias, direction or motive?

Living with illusions, semblances, archetypes and ideas is a major factor in the deterioration of the brain.

What are the implications of being selfish?

Can we deal only with facts and not with ideas?

Your brain inevitably will deteriorate when there is a conflict of opinions.

Why does the brain carry on with something that has gone?

As long as you have an image about yourself you are arrogant.

I am a vast network of beliefs, superstitions, images and conclusions, meaning there is nothing actual in me.


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