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Is Brockwood helping you to be totally responsible for yourself? (MP3 Disc)

Is Brockwood helping you to be totally responsible for yourself? (MP3 Disc)

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Intelligence is to observe authority not revolt against it

1 June 1980

Facing the world with intelligence.

Authority is destructive.

To be really free, one must have a great deal of intelligence.

Intelligence comes when you understand yourself completely.

Is hurt dictating your actions?

When you say, ‘I am hurt,’ who is the ‘I’?

To live a life without any image whatsoever is real freedom.

The book of oneself is in your heart and mind for you to read.

Are we helping each other not to be mediocre?

8 June 1980

Are you serious at the end of your time at Brockwood?

There is a way of looking at yourself which is to see exactly what you are, not to alter it.


What are the consequences of attachment to a person, belief or idea?

What is the cause of loneliness?

To say, ‘I am lonely, I will escape from it,' is what the world is doing. That is mediocrity.

Note: a total of 4 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.

What is desire and what is thinking?

15 June 1980

What is thinking and why has humanity all over the world given such extraordinary importance to thought?

Can you observe your thinking?

What is thinking in itself?

Is there a thinking without words and pictures?

As knowledge is limited your thinking must be limited.

You are totally responsible for yourself, for your thinking, your actions and your honesty.

What is desire?

When you are listening there is no movement of thought.

Can you live without comparison?

What happens to a mind that is always wanting?

Is there such thing as right action?

22 June 1980

What are you interested in?

Where is humanity heading?

As a human being what is your position, responsibility and action amid the chaos in the world?

Is our measure of our action, feelings and thoughts based on likes, dislikes, society and religion?

Finding right action that is always true.

Right action is not my right action or your right action.

Is our action based on past knowledge, experience, memory, patterns and enticements?

The pattern of becoming.

The mind, which has always been acting, realizes that it cannot do anything.

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