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How do we bring about a harmonious life? (MP3 Disc)

How do we bring about a harmonious life? (MP3 Disc)

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Preoccupation and security

20 May 1979

Is it possible for us all to think together, see the same thing clearly together, understand together and act together?

Cooperation can only exist when both of us are together.

Are you aware how your thinking operates, comes into being?

What is the motive that directs me?

Do you actually see the fact that the urge for complete security in the future may not give you what you want?

One who is preoccupied with the future creates fear.


On being good

27 May 1979

What is a good society? What is a good man or a woman? What is it to have good relationship? What is it to have a good quality of mind that is not broken up, that is whole, harmonious, well put together, that is healthy?

Can we in this small community live a good life? We create the society; society doesn’t come into being by itself. Human beings by their actions, mischief, dishonesty, greed, envy, violence, have created this society. To be educated is to have a good brain, a good heart, good conduct - all that’s implied in the word ‘good’.

How do you look at yourself?

Note: a total of 13 minutes and 46 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


What has man made of himself psychologically?

3 June 1979

What has man made of himself? What has his mind become?

What are you making of yourself, apart from jobs, money and position? Inwardly, what are you?

What is progress?

Is there a movement, not only in ourselves but also outwardly, that is concerned with the transformation of the human mind?

Is a relationship possible in which there is not a sense of you and me?

Why does the mind hold on to belief and opinion?

Is it possible to live together without any shadow of conflict?


What is the purpose of life?

10 June 1979

How do we bring about a harmonious life?

Can we have a dialogue so that we discover our own prejudices, idiosyncrasies, absurdities, idiocies?

Is there a way of living without difficulties?

The fact can never vary. What you think about the fact can vary.

Do you want to find out the full depth of the purpose of life?


Why is the mind always occupied?

17 June 1979

What is right action?

Can we live a life which has no problems whatsoever?

Why is your mind occupied?

Is your mind full of thought?

Is it possible not to create problems in relationship?

Can your life be not self-centred?

What will help you to be attentive?

Note: a total of 13 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


Thinking together

24 June 1979

What does it mean to think together?

Thinking together and thinking about something are two different things.

What does it mean to be in communication with each other?

When one is seeking one’s own fulfilment, ambition, security and success, that must inevitably create division.

A mind that is not divisive in itself has a quality of attention and therefore compassion. From that state, what is relationship?


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