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Awakening Intelligence (MP3 Disc) - eleven school discussions in two volumes

Awakening Intelligence (MP3 Disc) - eleven school discussions in two volumes

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1. The flame of responsibility - 23 July 1974

Responsibility to see that a different kind of mind is produced. Can you educate the student totally, so that he is an intelligent human being? How will you see that the student grows up into something exceptional? Do you feel utterly responsible? How am I going to transmit or help the student to have this flame of responsibility? How does your responsibility express itself? Is there a different approach altogether?


2. Are we still working in the traditional field ? - 28 July 1974

Can we bring about human beings who are really extraordinarily? Is there something which is totally complete? Education is in the man-made area. Can we as a group come upon something new? Being responsible to the most sacred thing. Do you feel immensely responsible? You are responsible for another’s life.


3. is it possible to produce students who will never be conditioned ? - 30 July 1974

One needs to have leisure, not be occupied from morning till night. The flame of a different dimension of creative energy. Being responsible to 'the other'. Are you functioning along traditional lines? Is there a catalyst that will shatter conditioning? Unconditioning the mind to see if a student can be incapable of being conditioned. Are we a group of people who are completely dedicated, completely responsible, completely with the creative flame? Can we create a genius? If the traditional bank is left, inwardly, totally, then you are on the other bank, then the flame is there.


 4. Can we create an ambience that breaks conditioning ? - 1 August 1974

Psychologically there is no tomorrow. Can we create a sense of seriousness and deep, abiding stability? Can we bring about a breakdown of the conditioning in the student, in a short period of time? To be non-traditional, in the deep sense of that word, at every level. Tradition hasn’t solved a thing, it hasn’t brought new life to people, it hasn’t changed people. What are you educating the students for? There is a fountain of real waters, and I want the student to drink from it with his heart, not with his mind, without coercion. Being confused, can you walk out of it without persuasion? The energy that comes through clarity.


5. Can we bring about such intelligence that the mind is never conditioned ? - 4 August 1974

We are chiefly concerned with unconditioning the mind. Can you awaken intelligence in the student within a very short period? How is intelligence to be awakened? An atmosphere of complete security, trust, that is sacred, holy, with a feeling of irrevocable truth. Why have a habit which is unnecessary? To live without a single problem. Not trying to help the student. Uncertainty, not knowing, brings a quality of watchfulness. Why should you have an opinion at all about anything?



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