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Awakening Intelligence (MP3 Disc) - eleven school discussions in two volumes

Awakening Intelligence (MP3 Disc) - eleven school discussions in two volumes

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6. Creating an atmosphere of complete security - 14 September 1974

Having an atmosphere of dedicated seriousness with a sense of complete security. Our responsibility is to see that we begin to free ourselves from the corruption of society. How will you prevent your influence from corrupting the student? How shall I help the student and myself to uncondition in our relationship throughout the day? Am I capable of talking about my conditioning openly with the student? The atmosphere itself says behave, when a group of people are living a life which is logical, sane, whole. Welcoming the students.

7. Total responsibility - 15 September 1974

What is maturity? Preventing the student from entering into the field of conflict. If I see something false, the very seeing of the false is truth. Is it possible to prevent a mind, a brain from deteriorating? My responsibility to you makes me highly sensitive to you. Responsibility implies the awakening of sensitivity, which is intelligence. Responsibility is impersonal. The fact and action.

8. The habit of conflict - 16 September 1974

Communicating a sense of having no conflict. Conflict arises through division. Looking at physical habits. Can I live a life without comparison? What is a habit? Helping the student to break habits without conflict. The forming of conclusions is a habit. Listening without conclusion. Do you listen to the idea or description, or do you listen to the fact? The art of listening.

 9. The art of listening, the art of seeing, the art of learning - 17 September 1974

Can I help the student to learn the art of listening? Can I look at my conditioning without any response or reaction? What is the act of learning? Does living in the area of the known make the mind deteriorate? Are you encouraging the student to maintain and continue the mechanical process? Is there a listening, seeing and learning totally different from the accumulative factor? Is there a learning which is non-accumulative?

10. Listening and ending - 18 September 1974

Is the whole of the brain mechanical, or is there a non-mechanical area? A group of people who are highly intelligent do create an atmosphere, a sense of indestructible security. Listening to a statement and not drawing a conclusion from it. Belief is destructive. Ending belief in the act of listening. When you see the falseness of something, you see the truth of it. Seeing the truth is intelligence.

 11. Awakening the flame of orderliness and intelligence - 23 October 1974

The spirit of responsibility. Sitting quietly before the day begins. There is no pattern here, no authority here, you have to exercise your own intelligence. How will you free the mind of disorder? How do we awaken in the students a sense of intelligent action? What have we to give the students? What have they to give us? Appealing to the unconscious mind.

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