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Affection means there is no authority (MP3 Disc)

Affection means there is no authority (MP3 Disc)

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Helping the students to meet the violence in the world

15 October 1983

There is a great deal of violence all over the world and the students are going to face it. How do you help them to meet that violence?

What’s the root of violence?

Before we act we must understand how to act, what action to take, and the motive for action.

If I have very strong opinions, judgements and convictions, and you have yours, how can we meet?

If we are interested in ending violence, we drop our convictions.

Self-concern is one of the great psychological factors of divisiveness.

Do I see deeply that violence is brought about through isolation, separation?

To live peacefully in oneself requires tremendous intelligence.

Can we all look at something together?

Why can’t we think together?

18 October 1983

Thinking together implies a certain quality of affection and sensitivity.

You have an opinion and I have opinion. Knowing it is divisive and brings conflict, why do we go on with it?

Can one’s brain be free?

We are all responsible for the students. That responsibility demands that we act together. To act together there must be a certain affection between us, a quality of trusting each other.

When there is affection, love, you think together.

Why do we have such terrible divisions?

The older students are influencing the new students, for bad or good. How do you prevent this?

Affection means there is no authority.

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