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Awareness creates energy (MP3 Disc) - Three Small Group Discussions, Gstaad, 1965

Awareness creates energy (MP3 Disc) - Three Small Group Discussions, Gstaad, 1965

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Three Small Group Discussions, Gstaad, 1965


Summary of Contents: 

1.Choice and its relationship to time - 30 June 1965

Duration: 68 minutes

Is there such thing as choice at all?

Why do we build images of ourselves?

Why do we choose?

What is action if I have no image with which I have identified myself, no choice and no will?

Only when you are seeking is there a challenge and an answer.

Is there a state of action in which there is no choice at all?

How can we take decisions in life when it is such a tremendous movement?

Life is like a river flowing at speed and depth, and we want to carve a little corner on a bank.


2. Is it possible for the mind to be free of the process of habit? - 23 July 1965

Duration: 66 minutes

If I become aware of the mechanism that creates habits, need I go through all my habits?

The mind is aware of the problem and aware of itself watching the problem. Is the mind watching the problem as something apart from itself?

The energy which has come about by being aware brings about a greater, more intense awareness.

We do not have to try to be aware.

It is only when we don’t know what to do that fear comes in.

Action based on a formula is considered order, but it has produced disorder.

If there is only thought why should there be a thinker? Who is it that thinks?

If I do something which I love to do, not to give me profit or to be better than somebody else, then it is tremendously vital.

What is the state of mind that says, ‘I don’t know’?

I am lost, I don’t know any way and there is nobody to tell me – what do I do?


3. Going deeply into the unconscious - 30 July 1965

Duration: 95 minutes

Is the mind aware consciously of the conscious mind?

Is it possible to go into the unconscious without knowing the surface activities?

Our awareness is thwarted, blocked when there is like and dislike.

How do reactions arise?

I can’t begin anew until the past has undergone a tremendous change.

How is the mind to break through?

Is all my thinking and behaviour conditioned, and to what depth does this conditioning go?

Apart from pleasure and pain there is a deeper urge not to be disturbed; that is why we cling to beliefs.

Is there such thing as security?

There is no certainty. Why don’t we accept this fact?

The mind that understands there is no certainty is free and in a different dimension.

Is there permanency?

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